Short to the point math tutorials

I teach for the student that Math does not come easy to, has the teacher that they just don’t understand, wants to learn and needs that better grade!


It’s hard to learn math without the basics. Understanding how our numbers work and where variables play a part is great review and preparation for any student learning math.

What you will learn

| Integers

| Fractions

| Scientific Notation

| Expressions

| Decimals

| Percents

| Sets

Algebra 1 Lessons

The class every student has to take and pass in high school. If you are currently in school or looking to go back, these videos help prepare you for any and every other class you will take.

What you will learn

| Linear Equations

| Functions

| Inequalities

| Systems of Equations

| Probability

| Quadratics

| Rules of Exponents

| Polynomials

| Radical Functions

Geometry Lessons

Start to think like a mathematician with these geometry lessons. Beyond covering basic problems to solve, you will learn how to think about math by writing proofs and solving multi-step problems.

What you will learn

| Points, Lines and Planes

| Conditional Statements

| Distance and Midpoints

| Pythagorean Theorem

| Angle Relationships

| Quadralaterals

| Similar Triangles

| Transformations

| Volume and Surface Area

| Parallel Lines and a Transversal

| Algebraic Proof

| Angles of Polygons

| Triangle Measures

| Special Rights Triangles

| Geometric Mean

| Trigonometry

| Area and Perimeter

| Circles

Algebra 2/College Algebra Lessons

The dreaded class that is responsible for so many humans hating mathematics. If you are forced to take it, let me ease the pain. Each topic has multiple examples ranging from basic to advanced.

What you will learn

| Functions

| Absolute Value Functions

| System of Equations

| Quadratic Functions

| Sequences and Series

| Statistics

| Polynomials

| Rational Functions

| Radical Functions

| Logarithms

| Conic Sections

Pre-Calculus/ Trigonometry

The start of upper level mathematics is here. Don’t get left behind. This class moves fast and you will want to be prepared with these lessons.

What you will learn

| Functions

| Polynomials

| Analytic Trigonometry

| Rational Functions

| Logarithms

| Trigonometry

| Oblique Triangles

| Vectors

| Parametric and Polar Equations

| Sequences and Series

| Analytic Geometry


I wish everyone could learn calculus in their lifetime because the connections to everything you have learned up to this point finally starts to makes sense. These lessons are a foundation for those of you looking to expand your math ability.

What you will learn

| Limits

| Derivative Applications

| The Integral

| Differential Equations

| The Derivative

| Particle Motion

| Integration Applications

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