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I struggled learning math. Had teachers I could not learn from,  felt overwhelmed and confused. Over the years I have created tips, tricks and resources I used to transform from that struggling student to not only earning my math degree but helping thousands of students around the world with their math.  I want to help you too. Get started with my free “Checklist For Surviving Math Class” and updated tips delivered every week.

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The largest collection of math tutorials on the internet. Browse over 10,000 short, to-the-point organized video tutorials.

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Work step by step through curriculum designed to actually help you learn.  Each lesson is taught with multiple examples (not just the easy problems!) as well as plenty of practice problems and quizzes to refine your skills.

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Skyrocket your learning with printing out and working through my guided notes, practice worksheets, quizzes, multiple choice tests, and cheat sheets to simplify your learning.


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“ Thank you for being such a great dedicative teacher who gives his 100% to teach his students and go beyond that. It’s so helpful to find someone who’s really passionate at what they do. Thank you for your amazing videos, they have helped so much at my struggle with math. And now, I even decided to pursue an engineering degree because of how well and detailed you explain math. Thank you for everything once again! 😁 ”

“ I'm 39 and have been out if school forever. You are the only reason I passed college algebra and now my teens use your videos to help them along. Thank you so much.”

“ This is great, I am taking Pre-Calc online and the videos my school are low quality. I found Brian McLogan free videos last year taking College Algebra and they were very helpful. I have bought two courses from and will continue to because he is a great instructor! ”

“ I’m 16, in Algebra 2, and have a bad teacher. For awhile I thought I was the one in the wrong and it was my fault for not learning from the class but once I started watching your videos, it made me happy to do my homework and understand what I was doing. Thank you for being an amazing teacher 🙂 ”

“ Getting an 87% on my calc midterm this semester is due entirely to you!!! Thank you so much for putting this content out there - as an online college student taking calculus this semester I feel like I have tons of homework and no one to teach me the concepts or how to solve them. I am so grateful for your channel and wish with every fiber of my being I could’ve actually been in one of your classes! ”