Meet Brian

A father, a husband and teacher.  I have never known a life outside of the classroom or where math was not present.  I have a deep appreciation for the beauty of mathematics as well as helping students believe that they too can to learn and succeed in math.

Brian’s Bio

Working with students to solve the hardest math problems.

I was that student that sat in the back of the classroom bored out of my mind and frustrated not understanding what the teacher was saying.  Daydreaming in class one day, I decided there must be a better way. I thought to myself, “I’m going to become a math teacher and change the way math is taught”.  Sounds like a great idea right? It was hard and a struggle at first but I did it. I earned my degree in mathematics but it did not come easy. I had to relearn most of what I was supposed to already know. It was not fun, I spent hours in the tutor lab and library just doing practice problems trying to make sense of everything. But the cool thing is, it did start to click.  I was doing well and falling more in love with math. My situation is unique, not many math teachers really understand the struggles and stress students who do not understand math have.  I get it because that was me. I’ve learned a lot about myself and how to be successful in math through these struggles. As a math teacher now in the classroom and online I share what I’ve learned so students all over the world can find their personal success in math. I hope I can help you too.

Did you know?

I lettered in 11 seasons during high school for football, wrestling and baseball. Played the trombone for 8 years and was in NHS. I also won best smile in my high school superlative.

Did you know?

I didn’t start playing Rugby till I was 22 and enjoyed 10 seasons playing both league and union. You still may find me jump on a pitch from time to time.


What it takes to learn math

Math education has not changed much over the years but that does not mean the way we learn math has to stay the same. In all of my lessons I follow this path to help students understand the what and the why of behind what they are learning.

How I got to where I am today

Since 1997

  • Pre-Algebra class with Mr. Burns 7th grade. My first “uhh ohh” moment, felt like everyone around me knew what they were doing but me.

  • Senior psychology assignment was to write down what we wanted to do next after high school. I wrote to become a math teacher because I hated the way math was taught and wanted to become a teacher for the students that struggle with math. I still remember writing that paper today.

  • Failed my first college algebra test. Frustrated because all the other students going to be math teachers were already taking Calculus and here I was failing a test 2 courses below. I started attending the tutor lab every day after.

  • Earned my bachelor of degree in math from Western Michigan University. Forgot to buy a gown so found my roommate who graduated the ceremony before me and borrowed his while walking into the auditorium.

  • Bought a flight down to Jacksonville, Florida to interview for jobs. Spent a night in the airport, had to borrow shoes and get dressed for my interview on the plane. Made it just in time for first interview where I was hired on the spot. The beginning of my teaching career began.

  • I started my YouTube channel with a flip cam. Not sure where it would go, I decided to start recording every time I would teach examples inside of the classroom. I was still figuring out how to control my classroom but had a lot of fun!

  • Really realized the impact I was making in student’s learning online, I started organizing my content and creating extra digital resources to continually improve.

  • Hit 100,000 subscribers!! When is it till 1,000,000!?


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