Algebra 1


Understanding Solving Linear Equations * Solve One-Step Equations * Solve Two-Step Equations * Solve Multi-Step Equations * Solve Literal Equations

Understanding Graphing Linear Equations * Graph Given a Table * Graph the Equation in Slope-Intercept Form *Writing the Equation from Standard Form to Slope Intercept Form * Graph the Equation in Standard Form * Graph Vertical and Horizontal Lines

Write the Equation From a Graph * Write the Equation Given Two Points * Write the Equation Parallel to Another * Write the Equation Perpendicular to Another


Determine if the Relation is a Function * Determine the Domain of a Function * Apply Operations Between Two Functions * Write the Rule of a Function


Understand Solving One-Variable Inequalities * Solve One-Step Inequalities * Solve Two-Step Inequalities * Solve Multi-Step Inequalities * Write the Inequality From the Graph

Understand Graphing Linear Inequalities * Graph in Slope Intercept Form * Graph in Standard Form * Graph Vertical and Horizontal

Understanding Compound Inequalities * Solve Compound Inequalities


Understand Systems * Solve by Graphing * Solve by Substitution * Solve by Elimination * Solve a Word Problem With Systems


Understanding Graphing * Graph in Standard Form

Understand Factoring * Factor out the GCF * Factor Trinomial When a=1 * Factor Using Difference of Two Squares * Factor Perfect Square Trinomials * Factor Trinomial When a is Not 1

Understand Solving * Solve Using the Square Root Method * Solve Using the Zero Product Property * Solve by Factoring out the GCF * Solve by Factoring When a=1 * Solve by Factoring a Difference of Two Squares * Solve by Factoring a Perfect Square Trinomial * Solve by Factoring When a is Not 1 * Determine the Discriminant * Solve by Quadratic Formula


Understanding the Rules of Exponents * Simplify Expressions


Classify Polynomials * Determine the Degree and Leading CoefficientAdd and Subtract * Multiply * Factoring


Simplify the Root of a Number * Simplify the Root of Algebraic Terms * Multiply Radical Expressions * Add and Subtract Radical Expressions